Saturday, October 27, 2018

A new version has arrived with the support for new iPhones

After a long time a bit of dusting off was needed!
The updated version of the game is available on the App Store.
It contains fixes and support for bigger screens on new iPhones XR, XS and XS Max.
Remember to update and enjoy the game!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Get additional 5 free games in the Limited Edition game

Do you know you can get additional 5 free games in the Limited Edition?
Just tap the shopping cart in the game and choose "5 games for rating on App Store". You will be redirected to the game page on the App Store where you can leave your rating or write a review.
As "Thank you" for doing that you will get additional 5 games.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Chess Cards Game Limited Edition

New version of free Chess Cards Game - Limited Edition is now available in App Store. 
It contains 10 free games as the lite version, but has all modes unlocked for you to try!
It also contains two sets of cards. The current one with chess theme and the new one - classic theme.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chess Cards Game Lite is now available on the Apple TV.

Apple TV version of the app includes 10 free Solo (single user) games. You may purchase additional packs of games when there are 5 games left or less or unlock all games permanently.
  • If you have downloaded Lite version of the game for iPhone or iPad and unlocked all modes there you may restore this purchase on Apple TV and vice versa.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Updates, updates, updates!

You may have noticed several updates of the game during the last weeks and months. A lot has changed since initial version was published. Among other things here are the most important changes and improvements:
  • native resolution on all supported devices - from iPhone 4S to iPad Pro,
  • improved graphics for retina devices,
  • added sound effects to enhance game experience,
  • improved AI for single player games to challenge you more,
  • added Polish localization,
  • dual player mode on one device including iPhone,

and of course a lot of other fixes, improvements and optimizations.

Check it out on App Store!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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Chess Cards Game is a strategy game with full information played with a set of just 20 cards and simple rules. 

But don't be misled!

The game may have simple rules but is challenging and requires smart thinking and forseeing the moves of the opponent.

Chess Cards Game is based on the Mate game created in 1915 by G.Capellen and selected modification ideas by Edward Lovett.

The app contains short tutorial which helps you to learn the rules in no time, but here are some more details about the rules and the app itself.

So, check out the app on the App Store and play 
Chess Cards Game!

Rules of the game


The set of 20 cards contains four suits which are ranked (from highest to lowest):  

blue > red > yellow > green.


The cards have ranking (from highest to lowest) and point value:

Queen (11) > Rook (10) > Bishop (4) > Knight (3) > Pawn (7).

Please note: the order of card values is different than ranking.

The Match

Each match consists of two rounds and the players exchange the cards after the first round. In this way the match result doesn't depend on the luck of the initial draw, but on the strategic skills of the players.


Starting player can begin the turn with any card. The opponent must reply with the card of the same suit or, if the card of the same suit is not available, with the card of the same rank.
The player who played the highest card within a suit, or the highest suit when the same rank is played, starts the next turn.

The app shows which player has won the turn by highlighting the winning card.

The Mate

When the player can't make a valid move it is the Mate. The score is calculated by  multiplying winning card value by move number. For example if the mate was done with bishop (value 4) in 8th move the score for winning player is: 4 x 8 = 32 points.


In the settings of the app you may choose advanced mode of the game - sacrifices - before you start the match. If sacrifices are allowed then the players can get rid of one card ( if single sacrifice is set) or multiple cards (if multiple sacrifices are set) before their turns.

Sacrificed cards are not used during current round and playing in this mode may dramatically change the outcome of the game making it even more challenging and interesting.

When playing with sacrifice cards the score is calculated by multiplying winning card value by the sum of winning player's sacrificed cards and move number.
For example if you have sacrificed 3 cards and you have won the round with bishop (value 4) in 6th move the score is: 4 x (6 + 3) = 36 points.

Please note: mode with sacrifice cards is not available when playing solo game (with Albert AI).

The Overmate

If you have sacrificed cards, it may happen you will have less cards on hand than your opponent after several turns and eventually you will run out of cards when playing. In this case the last card you've played is used for all your consecutive moves. 

If you win the game in these circumstances and the sum of your sacrificed cards and move number is greater than 10 it is the overmate. The score is additionaly multiplied by this sum - 9.
For example: you have sacrificed 3 cards and you have won the round with bishop in 8th move. The score is calculated first as above for sacrifices ie. 4 x (8 + 3). 
As 8 + 3 = 11 and is greater than 10 the score is additionaly multiplied by 11 - 9 = 2.

So, final score for this overmate is: (4 x (8 + 3)) x 2 = 88 points.

Match score and ranking

The final score of the match is the sum of scores from both rounds of the match. 
If you win the match then your ranking is calculated as difference between your final score and your opponent final score. 

If you are playing Game Center match your highest ranking is saved on the Game Center ranking leaderboard.

Modes of the game

There are 4 modes of the game:

  • Solo game with Albert AI (on 3 different levels of difficulty),
  • Dual player game - when two players play on one device,
  • Local network game - when players play on their own devices and they are connected via WiFi or Bluetooth (of course WiFi and/or Blutooth must be enabled on both devices),
  • Game Center game - in this mode you can play with your friends or other players around the world via Game Center.
This menu contains also button for tutorial and settings menu.


In this menu you can choose following settings:

  • Hints & Help - turn on or off in-game help messages (show hints & help is default setting),
  • Sacrifices - choose between modes of the game: 'No sacrifices', 'Single sacrifices' (only in the beginning of the first turn in the round) or 'Multiple sacrifices' (default setting),
  • Dealing - how the animation of the dealing should be displayed 'Normal' (default setting) or 'Fast',
  • Change display name - set your name used for solo or local network game,
  • Albert AI - choose level of difficulty for solo game between 'Basic', 'Easy' and 'Standard' (default setting),
  • Leaderboard - show ranking for Game Center matches,
  • About - about the app.

Enjoy the game!

If you notice any problem with the app drop me a line:

info (at)